GENZPRO Covid-19 POC System

GENZPRO SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test is a microfluidic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in whole human blood or serum to indicate recent or prior infection.

The test chip is used with the Genzpro POC device, delivering results in 7 minutes, using a cloud-based platform which is integrated with health system networks and transfer patient data.

Genzpro’s microfluidic chip is designed for single use of serological tests using a finger blood drop specimen that detects the Covid-19 antibodies against Covid-19. Inside of the chip is coated with anti-IgM, IgG antigens that specifically catch human IgG antibodies.

The test takes 14 minutes in total and gives qualitative results using the GenzPro test device. The test report can be sent to the client or doctor automatically as requested. GenzPro Antibody Rapid test shows the immune response of patients against the Covid-19 virus after 2-14 weeks from the infection or after vaccination in a reliable way.

The GNZ-CVD-19 Ab Test is designed to be used in community care settings to identify individuals with an adaptive immune response to COVID-19, indicating recent or prior infection, antibody therapies, or vaccination.

GENZPRO Point of Care (POC) Immunoassay Analyzer

Genz Pro device is a portable easy to use testing system optimized for outdoor use. Genz Pro reads the Ag/Ab quantity using Genz pro test chips in minutes from the client’s blood or nasal swab specimen. Test results automatically can be stored in the device and/or sent to the doctor or patients via mobile or email. Genz Pro device is a smart solution for reliable testing, and it prevents virus contamination.

The Genzpro Platform is an innovative, nextgen point of care diagnostic system that combines a small, compact device, an advanced low-cost test chip, and seamless connectivity.

The platform and tests are created on the same principles as gold standard lab analyzer systems to produce accurate results across many parameters in a portable, easy-to-use point of care solution.

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