“Genz is a biotechnology company, developing novel IVD diagnostic solutions.”

Genz is a spin-off biotech company from one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities, developing novel solutions from in vitro diagnostics to therapeutics. 

At Genz, we are engineers, scientists capable of achieving sustainable top-tier performance through outstanding execution.

our story

Our mission is to deliver a consistent stream of innovative, affordable, and accessible diagnostic solutions and make a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

We’re focused on sustainable growth and addressing the world’s pressing health challenges; therefore, we’re able to create value for both our patients and our shareholders.

To date, Genz received 4 R&D grants and approvals from the Turkish Ministry of Health for three genetic tests (and getting ready for the approval of our Covid-19 tests.), attended Turkish and European joint projects, partnered with top research centers in the world and published several scientific articles in international scientific journals. 

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